Thursday, April 27, 2017

-------- Transfer Day -------- Staying in Branson, Missouri with Elder Gastelum

Dear Family,
So tomorrow is transfer day, me and my current companion Elder Gastelum will be staying together here in Branson, Missouri. The whole week it has been raining a lot, maybe one or two days where it hasn't been down poring. In other news we have a new set of senior missionaries who just started their missions out here in Branson named Elder and Sister Soderquist from Pocatello, Idaho. They are just the best, Sister Soderquist was so happy when she heard we were practically all staying. we only have two people transferring, Elder Leavitt will be heading to rogers to be an Assistant to the President and then another Sister in our district is finishing up her mission. We had stake conference in Springfield, Missouri last Sunday. We hitched a ride from one of our members named the Garcias. They are the one's we used to live with before we got our new apartment. When we went I decided to listen to the Spanish translation which was fun haha. Hope everything is going well back home, I love you guys so much and it is just crazy to think how quickly time is passing. I just realized the other day that pretty soon ill get to skype call you for mothers day! how crazy! well talk to you all next week!

From, Elder Pugmire